Champion’s Choice® Salt knows your animals are the life and heart of your financial success.

If you raise cattle for meat, manage a dairy business, or run a swine or chicken operation, we understand that a small investment in the right amount of salt can provide big production later when you need maximum output.

Champion’s Choice® Agricultural Salt can help provide the nutrition your animals need to give you the results you want.  Salt is an essential ingredient in your animals’ diet, and proper use results in better overall health, shinier coats, and higher output of milk, eggs and meat.

Champion’s Choice® Agricultural Salt products have been trusted and used by commercial farmers for decades and are regularly reviewed and approved for use by state regulatory agencies. Backed by the knowledge of Cargill’s world-class Animal Nutrition Innovation Campus, Champion’s Choice® Salt products, like salt licks or bags, combine long-standing essentials for animal health with today’s scientific advances.

Champion’s Choice® Salt:  The Essentials of Success.™