Champion’s Choice® Salt.
An essential for successful dairy production.

Dairy Producers desire salt and trace mineral products in bags and blocks that are palatable for their cattle and deliver consistent nutrition – for healthier animals. When consumed in the right amounts, Champion’s Choice® Salt can help your dairy cows maintain a healthy appetite and body weight. Salt can help increase feed intake, resulting in improved milk production.

Champion’s Choice® Salt provides minerals that are essential for muscle, nerve and immune system function, sound reproductive health, and improved coat conditions.

Salt can be used as a carrier for other essential nutrients, and should be incorporated into a balanced diet. Dairy cows have varying mineral requirements depending on their age and stage of lactation and on weather conditions. That’s why there are Champion’s Choice® Salt products, like weather durable cow salt licks, to meet a variety of needs for your herd.

For further details on the benefits of salt for your animals, consult your veterinarian.