Champion’s Choice® Salt.
An essential for successful beef production.

Beef producers desire salt and trace mineral products in bags and blocks that are palatable for their cattle and deliver consistent nutrition. When consumed in the right amounts, Champion’s Choice® Salt, in the form of salt licks or feed, can help your beef cattle maintain normal appetite and body weight, as well as help increase feed consumption and weight gain in heifers and stockers by promoting faster growth.

Champion’s Choice® Salt provides minerals that are essential for muscle, nerve and immune system functions, healthy coats and sound reproductive health. Because beef cattle actually seek out salt, it can be very useful as a carrier for other essential nutrients.

Salt is a necessary mineral for cattle, and they need to consume it on a regular basis. Beef cattle have varying mineral requirements depending on their age, stage of reproduction and weather conditions. That’s why there are Champion’s Choice® Salt products, like weather durable cattle salt licks, and free flowing salt products to meet a variety of needs for your herd.

For further details on the benefits of salt for your animals, consult your veterinarian.